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Monday, March 10, 2008

Holy shit, I'm on Indiewire.

Basically, if you read between the lines, you'll notice a new imperative to for me to finish Catch This Fox, and quickly. Otherwise my legacy is basically, "another charismatic failure from Milwaukee". We have enough of those.

Quoted, directly.

PRODUCTION REPORT | "Economy Superstar," "Frozen Butterflies," "Fruit of the Tree," "Oak Hill," and "Patsy"

"Economy Superstar"

After years shooting reality TV, Jerry A. Henry decided to begin work on his first documentary after meeting 24-year-old Milwaukeean Tim Hansen. Henry follows Hansen as he attempts his lofty ventures -- everything from making a movie, creating a comic strip, even collecting beat up Toyota Camrys -- but never following through on any of them.

Two years in the making, Henry first met Hansen while scouting for a show in Milwaukee and saw him at a car show stenciling cars and started a conversation. "Literally that night I called him and said, 'I want to come out to Milwaukee and hang out with you for a week,'" Henry says. "That's pretty much when I realized I had a film. I just had no idea that the person I would be following would end up to be such a dynamic character."

Once a week every month for two years Henry abandoned his job in reality TV and flew out to Milwaukee to film Hansen's "reality," and stayed at his house to save money. At the time Hansen was filming his own documentary on Subaru enthusiast Miles Fox. But working on the doc for seven years has blurred the lines between doc subject and filmmaker and things spiral out of control when Henry follows Hansen, Fox and Hansen's supposed girlfriend to New Orleans on a road trip which leads to a huge falling out. "One of the main things that comes out of the film is this notion of procrastination and how it's inherent in all of us and why people do it," Henry says.

The film, which Henry compares to "American Movie" and "Napoleon Dynamite," recently was in IFP Market's Documentary Rough Cut Lab this past year and Henry plans to shop the film around to TV networks and submit to festivals within the next few months.

Shot on DV, the film was shot, edited and produced by Henry and produced by Andrea J. Chia.

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A scene from Jerry A. Henry's "Economy Superstar." Image courtesy of the filmmaker.